The Magic You Were Born With

April Eight

First Grader Depiction of April Eight in Action!

Hello my friends, Well, I’m so sorry I’ve been a bit absent for a few days. I have been working intently on an unexpected family project that has taken all my attention and internet expertise. But now I am back because I missed you terribly and I have all sorts of fun things to share with you.

I posted the last verse of “The Magic You Were Born With” – the song the Fairy Godmother sings to Thom in “Thom and the Dragon” today on Instagram. I’ll post the whole song here soon, but I thought you might like the last verse while I’m putting that together.


I originally wrote this song for an original version of Cinderella for the Clifton Performance Theatre. The play, written by Carol Brammer, was such a funny, smart take on Cinderella, and writing the songs for it was such a joy.

Well, this song is pretty much my theme song! So I knew when I wrote The Butterfly Adventurer Series that I’d have to find a spot for a Fairy Godmother. I did!

In the Cinderella version I sing, “And it’s gonna take Love and Imagination to turn that pumpkin into transportation.”


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