Ep 10 Season One Mash-Up! – Jemi and the Adventurers

· A Mash Up Tale from all the Stories in Season 1 ·

Aug, 12, 2016

Jemi and the Adventurers on the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast at aprileight.com

But you need to listen from episode 1, Jemi and the Birthday Surprise to get all the jokes…

Today’s story is “Jemi and the Adventurers” a great little tale for your kids at bedtime, bath time, car time, or anytime your family needs a story.

On today’s episode, I share a story that I have been so excited to write and tell. Wouldn’t it be fun, I thought, if Jemimah got to meet, well, some folks you have met in a few of the other stories I’ve shared here on the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast! My teenager daughters call it a “mash-up”. I can’t tell you a whole lot more about the story because, well, it is a SURPRISE!

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