When Adventure Calls…


The Second Series of The April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast is about a young gnome named Thom. He goes off alone to find adventure and comes home with a loyal friend and a new outlook on life. It is a journey the whole family can enjoy. As one mother wrote to me, “Your podcast is amazing, it makes Faith and I laugh out loud… It’s a gift…”

The Butterfly Adventurer Series

These five stories together make up The April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast  “Butterfly Adventurer Series”. Within these tales you’ll meet the dashing Pixie Peddler, a wild trumpeter, a falcon who might just be more than she seems, a very silly, very small but loyal mouse, and a fairy godmother whose song from the podcast I will share with you next week. And don’t forget the goblins! Whoo hoo! And a few more friends too, who can’t wait to meet you and your family.

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Thanks again for being with me on the journey and I mean journey! I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love creating this work to share with you. xoxoxoxo!

And For more on the First Series of Season 1, go ahead and click right here.

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