Facebook Live Concert Tomorrow!

April Eight Facebook Live Concert! www.facebook.com/aprileight

Hi Friends, Tomorrow, Sunday, August 7th at 2pm EST I’ll be doing a Facebook Live Concert from my living room to yours. I’m really looking forward to sharing and singing and hearing and playing with you. I hope you’ll join me .

Did you hear this week’s story “The Old Man and the Seagull” on the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast? I had the story idea of an old fisherman and his seagull friendship, but I couldn’t quite decide what should happen next. Fortunately, I asked my sweet daughter Mia (pictured above) what she thought should happen. She seemed to think that was the easiest question in the world because she gave me the whole second half of the storyline in the blink of an eye.

Thanks, Mia!

She wasn’t so sure that I should post the goofy video of me singing “The Song of the Salty Sea“that is part of the “Old Man and the Seagull” story, though. I’m not sure tweens enjoy having parents who make silly faces while singing in a character voice and then posting it online for anyone to see. But that’s the mom she’s got… (JAZZ HANDS!)

Speaking of having a mom like me, did you get my top tip for a successful school year yesterday? Being a bit of a wanderer, this intention was a very important one for me to take in and use. I’ve learned to settle in for the long-haul and to slow down and enjoy what is right in front of me. But it has taken awhile. Ah well…

Hope to see you tomorrow at 2pm EST for some close up fun on FacebookLive. I’m excited about the opportunity. Thanks for sharing yourself, dear one. xoxoxo!



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