The Song of the Salty Sea

"The Song of the Salty Sea" from the April Eight Songs and Stories Podcast at

Hello, my friends! Today’s song is one I wrote last year when I was at the sunbleached wonder of sand and salt and sea that is the South Carolina coast. Every year for the last 14 years (OMG!), my in-laws have rented a house somewhere along there and we pile in our cars and head that way from Cincinnati. We always make an overnight stop in Asheville, NC where I leave a piece of my heart. I love that clear mountain air and the perfect hippie breakfasts we always get at Over Easy. Swoon.

Beach vacations were never high on my list of activities, but I’ve come to enjoy that week of doing nothing but relax, particularly now that my daughters are a bit older and I actually can relax. I think, parents, you know what I’m talking about right there.

As long as I’m beaching, (ha!) well, the midday sun is too bright for my pale skin and pale eyes. So I spend that midday writing and thinking and thinking and writing  – it feels like a wondrous luxury.

One lovely sunny day, this song came singing itself to me over the wind and the sound of the gulls. Along with it came an image of an old fisherman and a gull friendship. I wrote this song and the beginning of the story last summer having no idea what I would do with them. Now I’ve created the April Eight Songs and Stories Podcast as a place to put the myriad ideas that come to this singer/songwriter/storyteller. What a joy!

Here’s The Song of the Salty Sea sung fisherman-style just for your silly listening pleasure. Find the whole podcasted story of the “Old Man and the Seagull” right here and on iTunes.


The Song of the Salty Sea by April Eight

Sing to me sea of shores and gulls of waves and fishy fishy
Sing to me sea of your strength and grace and storms and saltiness
You are a beautiful girl, and a pirate and a naive,
All the things you bring and the things you steal away are all the treasures of the world.
Treasures of the world
The Treasures of the world.

This video is up on instagram where I put a lot of my day to day awesome. Come over and have a look if that sounds fun. Love you!

Do you go to the beach? What are your favorite spots?

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