Thom Gnome, The Butterfly Adventurer

Welcome to Episode 8 of the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast. Today’s story is “Thom Gnome, The Butterfly Adventurer”.

"The Butterfly Adventurer" from The April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast at

On today’s episode, I tell you the end of the tale of our friend Thom Gnome and his side-kick Brizbane the Conqueror, and their search for the Golden Butterfly. I’m real sorry about ending the story right at the most exciting moment last time but… isn’t it fun to think about, and dream about, and wonder about just what might happen next?

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Here is a little bit from today’s story.

…Thom was reaching down to pick up the striped feather that lay on the ground where his Fairy Godmother had been when Brizbane called out, ““It is the Golden Butterfly! She’s rIght there!”

And indeed. There she was. Flitting on a gentle breeze, floating through the air just as morning awoke to create a whole new day. The first streaming beams of golden sunlight graced her butterfly beauty, lighting up her golden wings as though she were the sun herself.

Thom stood in awe, his feet glued to the ground beneath him for several long moments before Brizbane’s voice cut through the soft morning air to  say, “Thom, you are going to lose her! Come on!” Thom shook his head to try and focus his mind and he grabbed his butterfly net.

Quickly or he would lose her, he started to chase after the Golden Butterfly. He ran as fast as he could through tall grass and then stumbled over roots and twigs along the bank of the river. He stumbled and got back up, slipping and sliding on wet grass, covered in the sweet drink of morning dew. He woke up every sort of…

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Next week I’ll have a whole new tale to tell, “The Song of the Salty Sea”, for all you beach-goers or beach-dreamers out there. I wrote this story when I was at the beach myself last year when the idea of a podcast had never even crossed my mind. I remember thinking at the time, “Why am I writing this?” Now I know. Funny how the Universe works, isn’t it?

All songs, stories, and illustrations are copyrighted by me, ©April Eight 2016.

One thought on “Thom Gnome, The Butterfly Adventurer

  1. this is the Best kind of fantasy adventure story!! The adventure where we get to travel to a better understanding ourselves and the glorious wide world around us!

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