Dragons, Goblins, Fairy and Frost

Hello my friends! What a week. I am busy visiting and learning in Ann Arbor, Michigan. But oh, thank goodness, I did find time to create tomorrow’s podcast. I am so excited to share it with you.

Now if you haven’t heard the beginning of The Butterfly Adventurer story, you can find it right here.  And if you’ve missed the Trumpeter, the Goblins or the  Dragon, well, they are waiting to play with you and yours.

And if you haven’t met my three favorite goblins, you are missing out. Come on over and meet them!

I Friday I shared a personally meaningful  Robert Frost poem when I was in a more contemplative mood.

I’m happy here in A2 as they call it, but I can’t wait to get home and finish up the brand new story I am writing for all of you summer beach-goers for next week, “The Song of the Sea”.

Tomorrow’s podcast will be the grand finale of The Butterfly Adventurer with our friends Thom and Brizbane. I am pleased with the ending but I am going to miss these two adventurers. We may hear about them again in another story…. Hmmmmmm….

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