Three More Goblins

I want to take a minute here and introduce you to some goblins before we finish up our Butterfly Adventurer story.

I had three cute and creative goblins come and help me with the recording of the song/chant “The Goblin Dance” that appears on the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast, “Thom and the Goblins“.

Let me introduce you to Mia Goblin, Sam Goblin and Will Goblin. They were so much fun to work with on this song, full of good ideas, lots of heart and amazing musicality. I think you’ll agree that they did a great job!


Mia Goblin


Sam Goblin


Will Goblin

Here is the full song from my SoundCloud. I hope you like it!




Sometimes when I record I have big ideas about what sounds and instruments we might use on a particular song. I thought maybe we’d try flute and drums on this one. One of my musician friends brought over all of these flutes from around the world. Aren’t they beautiful?


I hope you’ve been enjoying The Butterfly Adventurer story about our friend, Thom Gnome. The final story in this series will be up on Tuesday this week. I can’t wait to share the end of the tale with you. If you haven’t heard the first part of the story yet, join us on our journey!

And if you missed the Jemi Stories, well, go ahead and download and take them with you on your next car trip. It is free! I promise you’ll have happier children.

And then next week I’ll have a whole new story about the sea for all of you beach vacationers. xoxoxoo!

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