Thom and the Dragon

Welcome to Episode 7 of the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast. Today’s story is “Thom and the Dragon”.

"Thom and the Dragon" from the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast and on iTunes

Well, our friend Thom Gnome started off on his journey to find the Golden Butterfly a few weeks ago. Since then, he has met a Trumpeter and avoided a band of dancing Goblins, but he is still searching. Today our hero, Thom, comes across something he never thought he would meet. A dragon! YIKES! Of course, with his friend Brizbane at his side, almost anything could happen.

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Here is just a little bit from today’s story…

Thom Gnome carried his friend Brizbane the Conqueror on his shoulder, walked all morning. They couldn’t stop talking about how scared they’d been of the goblins the night before, and how glad they were to find out that goblins don’t even want to eat gnomes and mice. No, to everyone’s surprise, all goblins want to do is dance.

But, having run away from the goblins in the dark, our two Butterfly Adventurers didn’t quite know which road they were on now – they were all turned around and confused – or you could say, they were discombobulated. That’s a good word. Can you say that? Discombobulated. Excellent. Now as I was saying, the road they walked along today didn’t seem to be quite like the one they’d traveled on the day before. And it made them a little nervous.

Our dear gnome and mouse asked for directions from a passing chipmunk, but his mouth was so full of acorns he couldn’t speak. He just pointed in three directions at once – North with one paw, South with the other, and West with his tail. Neither Thom nor Brizbane could…

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Of course, we do have lots of fun here on the blog with all the story extras and the illustrations, the songs and games and thoughts on parenting… If you missed The Goblin Dance last week, well, get ready to get down, my friends…

And I want to say, thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening. It means so much to me. I love to write these stories and it truly is an indescribable joy for me to have you and your family to share them with. I hope you can feel that.

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See you next time!

All songs, stories and illustrations are copyrighted by me, ©April Eight 2016.


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