Ep 6 Story 3 – The Butterfly Adventurer – Thom and the Goblins

· Thom and the Goblins! ·

Jul, 12, 2016

Story 3 The Butterfly Adventurer, Thom and the Goblins at April Eight Songs & Stories, at aprileight.com

Today our hero, a young gnome named Thom, meets a, uh, mighty friend who helps him on his way in search of the Golden Butterfly. He also comes across a party he would rather not go to. A Goblin Party! Oh my! Well, fortunately, with his new friend at his side, they end up okay, but those goblins, well, let’s just say, they really like to dance.

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    Melissa Frueh

    March 28, 2018

    Hi there. We just discovered your podcasts. My daughter loves them! Only thing is we can’t listen pasted episode 6. Is it just crashy player or crappy internet connection? Dunno. But I hope we can still listen somehow.

    • Reply


      April 3, 2018

      Hi Melissa,
      I’m sorry. I’m still working on my website! I apologize. I’ll fix that this week. xoxoxo Thanks for listening.

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