Mom, It Starts with Loving Yourself…

Mom, dad, teacher, friend, child, it all starts inside and spreads out so…


When the world gets a little swirly around you, just take a breath and a minute. Dig in for the love that is inside of you. And give it to yourself.

Sometimes with all the sad news of the world we live in, it can be hard to feel anything but, well, sad. It is good to feel sad sometimes and acknowledge the collective experience within our society. But I can’t stay down there or I can’t do the rest of my life well.  And I am the only one doing my life so I refuse to fall into the gap. I’ve done that before so I know. It isn’t constructive.

Reminding myself that there really is so much more love in the world than there is hate is where I start.

The best we can do within human society is to be kind to ourselves and share that kindness with others.  It starts within and projects outward. But then again, so does the negative stuff. How can we be good to other people when we feel bad about ourselves? This is where envy, jealousy, lack, fear all stem – that inner talk of judgement we do on ourselves is our perception of the world around us. Have a look and see if it is true. And then start to notice it. Just noticing is a good start.

Here is an experiment for you: Try talking to yourself like you talk to your kids and see if you start saying kinder things to your kids. Was that circular enough for you?

From within each of us comes the goodness that as individuals united can change the world. But we have to commit to being that way – we are the force forward. We can’t control what others do but we can control what we ourselves do. How we treat ourselves affects how we treat others. It is the simplest math problem there is.

As Gertie says in this week’s April Eight Songs & Stories podcast, “Let all the world be created from the very best in each of us.” And it all might start from just taking a minute to breathe and notice how we are feeling and where it is coming from. Fear or Love? Love is way better. Dig for it if you have to.

Take that breath and change the world. Peace.


April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast is now available on iTunes. And if you need some cheering up, this silly song might do it.



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