Song! The Trumpeter


In this week’s story on the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast, “Thom and the Trumpeter“, our Thom Gnome comes across a noisy meadow full of song in his wandering search for the Golden Butterfly. A snail and a lark fill him in on the whole scene.

Here is a video with all the lyrics too!

Now a trumpet fairy wailing away on his trumpet flower horn is perhaps a pretty silly idea, but this song was as fun to write as it is to sing. Have you ever had a noisy neighbor? Too much of a good thing? Well, that is what happens to the whole dang meadow in this song. I hope you enjoy The Trumpeter.

The Trumpeter by April Eight

It was a quiet day in the sunny meadow
the flowers and their fairies were kicked back all sweet and mellow
When suddenly everybody turned with a gasp
as a brand new friend bloomed with a BLAST!

It was a trumpet fairie blowing his horn
which was a trumpet flower, a star is born.
The larks gathered round checkin’ out the new sound
Saying, “Man that little country boy can play.”
(which was all fine except for…)

His wild song went on for hours and hours
Wailing away just that trumpeter and his flower.
The snapdragons roared, “Doesn’t he ever get bored?”
And when the moon came out the sunflowers started to pout…

All because it was the
Trumpet fairie night and day
playing his trumpet flower, keeping everyone awake
“Son, give it a break!” hissed old man Garter Snake
And that is when the trumpeter realized his big mistake….
(“I’m so sorry everyone, would you like to join me in this song?”)

Well…. the fireflies flashed and took up his beat,
the crickets tuned up and added counter melody
The tiger lilies swayed, the ladybugs zoomed
and the bullfrog added in his deep bassoon
(All lead by the)

Trumpet fairie blowing his horn, which was a trumpet flower, a star is born
The meadow filled with joy, “Man, we love our trumpet boy!”
And when night turned to noon he was still rockin’ every bloom.
I think it sounded a little something like…
(uh, “trumpet” solo here)

(Everyone came from miles around to hear the)
Trumpet fairie blowin’ his horn
which was a trumpet flower
a star is born
the buzz on the breeze is “he’s the bee’s knees”
’cause man that little boogie woogie trumpet boy can play.

©April Eight, 2010

If you haven’t heard “Thom and the Golden Butterfly” yet you can listen right here on iTunes or right here on the blog. That is the first story about our wandering gnome on a wonderful adventure to find the Golden Butterfly. You don’t wanna miss out on it! And, word on the street is you don’t need a kid in the car to enjoy the story.

Be sure to share with all your silliest friends!

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