Thom and the Trumpeter

Welcome to Episode 5 of the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast. Today’s story is “Thom and the Trumpeter”.

Thom and the Trumpeter, part of the Butterfly Adventurer Series from April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast. Available at and on iTunes

On today’s episode, I tell the story of “Thom and the Trumpeter”. This is the second story in a whole series called “The Butterfly Adventurer”. Today our hero, a young gnome named Thom, starts his real adventure, heading out of his village to see if he can find the Golden Butterfly. He comes across a big party and a shy snail, a grouchy opossum and a helper who may be more than she seems.


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Here is just a little bit from today’s story…

And there Thom Gnome was, part of the glorious, mysterious world outside of his village gate. He was so excited – he just knew he would find the Golden Butterfly any minute, and his whole life would change for the better. Thom had grabbed his butterfly net on the way out the door of his family’s house, and now he kept his eyes peeled for that Golden Butterfly. As he walked he hummed a little tune, as travelers often do…

“Oh to wander, wander, wander
over hills and a-way out yonder
out in the world so full of wonders
I wander, wander, wander, wander on.”

The woods were thick and deep and green, with birds swooping and singing in the trees and squirrels running hither and thither. It seemed to Thom that they must be playing some sort of crazy game of Tag. Thom’s heart was full of a joy he’d never known before, to be so free and easy in the fresh air of the woods. The road he followed was not well-trod, for who ever used it?

Golden butterfly, golden butterfly, where are you?

As he walked on, Thom heard a strange sound coming from way off in the distance. What could that possibly be? The sound became more of a song the closer he got.

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See you next time!

All songs, stories and illustrations are copyrighted by me,© April Eight 2016.

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