Why I Write Podcast Stories for Your Family

Hi my friends, I want to tell you a little bit about April Eight and why I love what I do.


April Eight performing The Butterfly Adventurer at the New York Fairy Festival.

April Eight is truly an outpouring of the things in the world that I love best: stories and songs, the openheartedness of children, and the philosophies I’ve picked up along the way from having a curious mind and a heart hardwired for fun and joy. My background in music, story, art and design all come together at April Eight, and it is funny to me how each step on my seemingly meandering journey has brought me here.

With my band Arson Garden at the Cabaret Metro in Chicago in the early '90s.

With my alt-rock band Arson Garden at the Cabaret Metro in Chicago back in the ’90s.

The heart of April Eight is the fairytale stories I write and podcast for my April Eight Songs & Stories blog here and on iTunes. If you subscribe on iTunes, you and your kids will never miss an episode.

I give these stories everything I’ve got. What a joy it is to hear from parents that their kids, mostly ages 3-9, not only love these stories, but want to listen to them over and over. That teenagers like to sneak a listen too, well that also makes me pretty happy.

I call these songs and stories Fairy-Tale Folk for All-Ages for a reason. I’ve had adults, male and female, tell me how much April Eight has helped them through tough times in the past few years. Seems like each of us needs to spend a little time with the innocent child inside of ourselves. In today’s world, it is nice to have a place to rest.

The most recent podcast story, Thom and the Golden Butterfly, is the beginning of a series I call “The Butterfly Adventurer.” This is a story that I’ve been cultivating for a long time – originally performed at the wonderful New York Fairy Festival a few years ago. I’ve been working on it ever since, and it continues to evolve, as a story in the oral tradition should.

Thom and the Golden Butterfly, Episode 4 from the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast

For those of you in the United States, I hope you have a lovely Independence Day weekend. If you have a long car trip, or even a few shorter ones, the Jemi stories, starting with Jemi and the Birthday Suprise, will keep your kids delighted and engaged, and you might even like them too! There are 3 podcast episodes for this one story, and each of them is about 15-20 minutes long.

And if it is raining where you are like it is here, then you might be happy for a good rainy day story, and the Jemi Stories fit that bill too.


This week we will continue the Butterfly Adventurer story, so listen to the one that is up and watch for the next podcast on Tuesday. In Tuesday’s episode (now up!) there will be a wild fairy party thanks to one, uh, “inspired” musician who just can’t hold back. (I can totally relate!) And, thankfully, our wandering young Thom Gnome meets some friends who help him along his journey to find the Golden Butterfly.

And don’t forget to share April Eight Songs & Stories with your friends. Sharing stories is a nice thing to do.

Happy Independence Day, folks!

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