Who is the Golden Butterfly?

The Golden Butterfly, Part of the Butterfly Adventurer Tales on the April EIight Songs & Stories Podcast at aprileight.com and on iTunes.

What shall I tell you about the Golden Butterfly? She is a bit of a mystery, is she not? Here is the ancient verse the crusty old gnome in yesterday’s story, Thom and the Golden Butterfly was saying to himself, while sitting under a googla tree near the market. What is a googla tree? I asked myself the same question…

“The Magic of the Golden Butterfly,
‘Ere ancient and grand,
If you can but hold her in the palm of your hand.
Your pockets, they’ll fill with riches of all kinds,
While love holds your heart and your mind grows ever wise.
Elusive is she, very difficult to find
For she is unbound by all place and no time.”

Will Thom find the Golden Butterfly? Will his brothers stop teasing him? Was the Pixie Peddler right, is the Golden Butterfly in the woods nearby? We’ll find out more of the story next Tuesday with a new episode! Tuesdays are podcast days here at April Eight.

You can catch yesterday’s April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast here on the blog or on iTunes. Subcribe and you and your kids will never miss a story! And if you haven’t heard the Jemi stories, I hear they make car trips a lot happier. Give a listen right Jemi and The Birthday Surprisehere or here.

Tomorrow look for a video of me and Roxie singing the Pixie Peddler song from Thom and the Golden Butterfly podcast! It is true. I do have all the fun, but I sure like to share it with you!

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