Ep 4 Story 1 – The Butterfly Adventurer – Thom and the Golden Butterfly

· The Butterfly Adventurer Series ·

Jun, 28, 2016

Thom and the Golden Butterfly, an original fairytale story podcast for kids and family at aprileight.com

…a great little tale for your kids at bedtime, bath time, car time, or anytime your family needs a story.

This is the first story in a whole series called “The Butterfly Adventurer”. Today we meet our hero, a gnome named Thom and his family. Oh, and we meet the Pixie Peddler too. Do you remember him from the Jemi stories, particularly “Jemi and the Lost Crown”? Well, he is here too, and we get to know him a little better. I even sing you a song I wrote all about him called, “The Pixie Peddler”. I hope you’ll sing along with me!

(The Butterfly Adventurer Series Story 1 of 5)


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