Squirrels, Moths, Songs, Green Time and More…


It has been a lovely week here at April Eight. We finished up the Jemi Stories that started with “Jemi and the Birthday Surprise” and ended with this week’s podcast, “Jemi and the Strawberry Moon“. In the middle of those two, there was “Jemi and the Lost Crown“. You can now subscribe to my April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast on iTunes and you’ll never miss an episode. I have it on good word that children like to listen to these podcast stories over and over again. That piece of news makes my whole heart feel as happy as sunshine!

Also this week we met Freddie Squirrel and learned a few things about Zig-Zag Tag. Freddie is such a good friend who helped our fairy get the Prince’s crown back from ol’ Sly Fox. And we also met the most nervous Moth. You’ll hear more from her in future stories.
And maybe Freddie too. And ol’ Sly Fox could wander in… oh, this storytelling is just too much fun!

Oh! And I almost forgot! I share with you a little video and the guitar tabs too for The Fairy Birthday Song I wrote for the Queen herself!

Yesterday I gave you a few thoughts on Why I Wish You Believed in Fairies. It really isn’t about fairies at all so much as it is about ADHD, stress, depression, and urban sprawl. Do they go together? Have a read and tell me what you think in the comments. And share with us, if you will, what your family does to spend more time outside?

Tomorrow I will  share with you my recipe for one of my family’s favorite things to eat, Cheese Soufflé! Now if you think soufflé seems hard to make, have no fears. I will walk you through the whole thing. It is fun and it is yummy and, once you have a few tricks up your sleeve, it is pretty easy to make. My girls love it and I bet your kids will too.

See you tomorrow!

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