Meet Zig-Zag Tag Genius, Freddie Squirrel!

I’d like to introduce you to Zig-Zag Tag Genius, Freddie Squirrel. He plays an important role in “Jemi and the Strawberry Moon” from yesterday’s Episode 3 of the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast. I tried to get a picture of him, but he is so darn fast, all I got was his tail!

Zig-Zag Tag Genius, Freddie Squirrel

Here is a little bit from the Strawberry Moon story about our friend Freddie and a game he loves to play, called Zig-Zag Tag.
Our fairy friend flew into the creek valley and began to look for Freddie, her best squirrel friend, who was amazing at Zig-Zag Tag. Zig-Zag Tag is a little crazy to play with squirrels. You know how to play, right? Well, it is just regular old tag, but in this version, you always have to run in a zig-zag. When squirrels play it, they zig-zag all over and around trees, under berry bushes, over the top of boulders and down through brush and branches where nobody else wants to go. Squirrels play it all the time – you’ve seen them chase each other like they are having the best time in the whole world? Well, that’s Zig-Zag Tag. Next time, if you can catch them, ask if you can join the game. It is so much fun! …”

Tune in to the Jemi Stories and find out all about what happens! The first one is “Jemi and the Birthday Surprise” followed by “Jemi and the Lost Crown“. You can listen right here on the April Eight blog or on iTunes.  I particularly like the “Strawberry Moon” story because I wrote a special new song just for it called “The Fairy Birthday Song”. Let me know what you think!

You can also meet another character from the “Lost Crown” story, Mischevious Mr. Crow, right here and meet a little girl who made friends with the crows in her neighborhood.

Listen in to the podcast on your way to the pool or the park or on the way home from camp or care. There is lots of fun to be had for the whole family on this sweet summer day.

Enjoy it!

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