Jemi and the Strawberry Moon

Welcome to Episode 3 of the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast. Today’s story is “Jemi and the Strawberry Moon”.


On today’s episode, I tell the story of “Jemi and the Strawberry Moon”. This is the last episode of the three Jemi’s Birthday Stories Series. Maybe we’ll find out today just how our fairy friend got the prince’s crown away from naughty old Sly Fox.

This story has a brand new song called the”Fairy Birthday Song” – look for a little music video here at April Eight on Thursday. In the story, you’ll also meet a few new characters, including a very nervous… well, you’ll find out.

Listen Now!

“Episode 3, “Jemi and the Strawberry Moon”. Now this is a continuation of our story from two weeks ago “Jemi and the Birthday Surprise” and the follow-up “Jemi and the Lost Crown”. If you haven’t heard those two, well, you could listen to them first, or you could listen to them after to see what you missed. Either way, the question is… where did we leave off?

Well, I remember perfectly well where we left off, don’t you? The fairy had been telling Jemimah and her mother the whole story of how the prince’s crown had been, uh, borrowed, by Mr. Crow, had gone through the confused claws of Mr. Mole and landed in the naughty clutches of Sly Fox.

The fairy had paused in her story to catch her breath.

“Would you like to sit down? You must be tired,” asked Jemimah, remembering her manners.

“Why thank you,” said the fairy, and she sat herself down on a knot in the wood of the picnic table. She was so small. Jemimah was again amazed by her. How could such a thing even exist?

The weary fairy looked up at Jemimah and her mother and gave a little nod. “I want you to know how much you helped me, Jemi. Without your help, all might have been lost.”

And so, the fairy continued her story…

Now just before the prince’s trumpeter sounded his horn, our fairy friend had been over in the Hawthorne Grove playing I Spy with Owl.

“You play I Spy?!” interrupted Jemimah. “That’s one of my favorite games!”

“Oh, mine too,” said the fairy. “Owl is impossible to beat at it if you play at night, but during the daytime, if he is awake, it can be a lot of fun.”

Our fairy friend had just found the owl’s “something blue” – a tiny robin’s egg almost out of sight way over in a nest in another tree. It was a pretty good one, but she’d finally gotten it. Now it was her turn to choose and she was trying to decide between the black and yellow caterpillar crawling on a twig near the ground or a small gray rainy-looking cloud that was just rolling in when she heard the secret trumpet call the Prince’s used for his friends when he really needed…”

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See you next time!

All songs, stories and illustrations are copyrighted by me,© April Eight 2016.


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