Meet Mischievous Mr. Crow

All sorts of things happen to the Fairy Prince’s crown in yesterday’s April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast, “Jemi and the Lost Crown“. Here is a little excerpt…

“Why it was Mr. Crow.”

Mischievous Mr. Crow

And for Mr. Crow there was nothing in the whole world he admired so much as a nice shiny fairy crown. For a fairy crown is a thing of glory – rare and tiny and bright, made from 1 part magic, 2 parts sunshine and 3 parts precious gold and gleaming gems. Forged by dwarves deep in their cavernous workshops under the hawthorn grove and tempered in the fires of Adelynn, it was a masterful thing by any and all standards. But for crows, who particularly appreciate the shinier things in life, it was, well, it was irresistible… “

Now my friends, I didn’t pick a crow as a crown-thief by chance. No, I know a few things about crows, and one of them is, they do indeed like shiny things.

As I poked around as people do, I found an interesting story from the BBC about a little girl named Gabi Mann who has made friends with crows. They bring her all sorts of thoughtful gifts and she gratefully collects them. I don’t believe her neighbors are entirely delighted by it, but I kinda was.

One other little tidbit to share: like swans, crows mate for life. Who knew? So our She-Crow in the story, she’s making quite a big decision there. We’ll find out more about their crow wedding in next week’s story




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