Jemi and the Lost Crown

Welcome to Episode 2 of the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast. Today’s story is “Jemi and the Lost Crown”.


On today’s episode, I tell the story of “Jemi and the Lost Crown”. We finally find out just what the fairy had to say and how in the world a tiny fairy crown came to be in the hands of our birthday friend, Jemi.

I hope you laugh while you listen to this story as much as I laughed while I wrote it. There are a few very silly characters in this one…

Listen Now!

It all started with a very sleepy prince. Lying along the banks of the Periwinkle Pond in the late afternoon over in the tall meadow with a soft pussywillow for a pillow, the prince was reading his favorite story and listening to the birds twitter and gossip amongst themselves, as birds like to do. And before you even ask me I will say, yes of course, fairies read books.

The prince’s crown was safely upon his head, where it always was. But you see, my friends, between the musical trickling of the Periwinkle Pond, and the sweet chitter-chatter of the birds and the gentle warmth of the sun’s ray, our dear sleepy prince nodded off with a soft snore. And yes, dear, of course, fairies do snore.

Now unfortunately for the prince…”

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I would love to hear what you think about “Jemi and the Lost Crown” in the comments below. And if your child is inspired to draw a picture or make a painting, you know I would love to see it.

Thank you for listening. It is so fun to write for all of you! If you know a friend or a family who might like this story, please go ahead and share it with them. Sharing makes the world a nicer place for everyone. xo!

All songs and stories and illustrations are copyrighted by me, April Eight 2016.

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