My Best Buddy


I am thrilled to let you know that you can now subscribe to my April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast on iTunes. Listen in for joyful and peaceful car ride with your kids.

I’ve been working on a new Songs & Stories Podcast, “Jemi and the Lost Crown” which will be up tomorrow for your listening pleasure.

Now I just have to stop here and say, it is important for you to know that almost everything I do I do with my ardent companion, Roxie, by my side. She is very attentive to my needs at all times. Like she, uh, protects me from cars driving by my house and neighbors walking their dogs down my quiet street. Daily she defends me from the nice woman who brings my mail.

Roxie is there for me, making sure I am always warm and secure. She sleeps on top of me when I take naps, stands on me when I’m sitting and sits next to me when my lap is full of something else, like my mandolin or my laptop when I’m writing.

And it goes without saying, she makes me laugh every day.

I don’t get much done without her. I thought she deserved some credit. She’s a sweet, busy girl and I love her. She is my best buddy.

Do you have a buddy too?


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