Jemi and The Birthday Surprise

Welcome to Episode 1 of the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast. Today’s story is “Jemi and the Birthday Surprise”.


On today’s episode I share my favorite “I’m about to tell a story!” song. And then I tell a little story I just wrote called “Jemi and the Birthday Surprise”. I can’t tell you a whole lot more about the story because, well, it is a SURPRISE! But here, my friends, is how it starts…

Listen Now!

“It rained all day. Jemimah was quite upset about it. Tap, splat, plurp, drop, squit, tat, tat. On the window sill, on the front porch steps, on the pavement stones, out in the garden and now on the roof of the car. Swish tock, swish tock went the windshield wipers. Swish tock. This would never do…
Jemimah wanted the sun so badly to shine, for her birthday party  picnic to happen, or her friends, for the balloons, for the presents and the cupcakes, for the three-legged races and the glittery paper streamers that she’d made with her mother to be fluttering and sparkling in the sunshine.

But no, nope, no. Not happening. It was a very steady rain interrupted only by rather loud claps of thunder. And by Zeus, Jemimah was mad! But that didn’t help. So then she was sad. But her tears just reminded her of the rain that was coming down. So then she was frustrated but that just made her cry more. She circled through these miserable feelings again and again, all the way to the park. By the time her mother pulled their car up in front of the picnic shelter where her magical party was being ruined by the storm, Jemimah was exhausted.

“Jemi, sweet girl, we just need to wait here for a little while  in case one of your friend’s parents missed my email about canceling the party because of the rain.”

“Ok, Mama,” Jemimah grumbled back.

The rain did make everything shimmery and pretty, there was no denying that. Jemimah watched from the car as the rainwater cascaded off the roof of the picnic shelter where her party was supposed to be happening. (SIGH) The water flooded the yellow flowers planted all along the shelters edge. It made little rivers that flowed down into the cement gutter and then into the big sewer drains.

Out of the corner of her eye, Jemimah watched a butterfly fluttering along this swirling little river, and then, well, it just plunge right into the water. She’d never seen such a thing before. Jemimah had never thought, even once, about where butterflies went during rainstorms, but she certainly didn’t think they went swimming in them.
Jemi couldn’t save her birthday party, but she might be able to save this butterfly. Without another thought, Jemimah threw open her car door shouting “Butterfly emergency!” over her shoulder at her mother and splashed out in her red rainboots to see if she could be of assistance to the winged, waterlogged victim of the storm…  

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I would love to hear what you think about “Jemi and the Birthday Surprise” in the comments below. And if, by chance, this little tale inspires a drawing or a painting, I would certainly love to see it –  would post it on my facebook page for me to see? How fun is that?

Thanks for listening. Do you have any friend who might like this story? Please feel free to share it with them. Sharing helps make the world a nice place.

All songs and stories are copyrighted by me, April Eight 2016.

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