Children’s Books and Music for Summer

I’ve been pinning away over on Pinterest. Seeing as it is almost summer break here in the US, it seems lovely to think about having lots of time for the books and music that my children and I adore. I hope your family finds something here that brings you joy.

Perhaps you have a reluctant reader in your family? I certainly did. Then you are the lucky parent who gets to read to them! Those evening-reads, all snuggle up plunging into exciting worlds together, can truly feel like the best part of every day.

Indeed there was a bit of selfish regret when my daughter finally succumbed to the joy of reading Harry Potter without me. But letting our children go on without us is what parenting is all about, right?

Are there any books you loved as a child  that aren’t on my list? How about your kids’ favorites? Let me know – I always love discovering a great new story.

P.S. I’ll be launching my original stories and song podcast right here on this blog next month. Come back and have a listen to “Jemi and the Birthday Surprise” on June 7th. And come soon to iTunes too. xoxoxo!

One thought on “Children’s Books and Music for Summer

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