We Wrote a Musical!

Hi Friends, I wrote a musical with Carol Brammer and a great group of kids at the Clifton Performance Theatre in a workshop called “Once Upon a Time and Then What Happened….” Together we came up with and collaborated on the storyline and songwriting. With opening night heading our way, we still needed one more song to really tell the story of our hero, Suzette. After some kid-cast consultation, I wrote this one so that the audience could understand this character and her struggle as she tries to make an important decision that will affect her whole village.

Here are a few photos from our writing sessions and rehearsals for the production that became “The Night Man”. The cast gave great performances and the kids, the parents, and Carol and I were all delighted with what we achieved. Hooray for “The Night Man”!


Writing Sessions with me, Carol and the gang.


Frances giving it her all in rehearsal.


These three had a lot of great ideas!



Me and the supremely talented Carol Brammer.

You never know. Together with these brilliant kids we might just write the next “Hamilton”! Watch this blog for more songwriting and musical writing workshops!





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