April Appears

It is my birthday today! Yup, that’s why I’m April Eight. Hooray! For the month of April, I wrote a poem last year to share with my third graders. Here it is for you today…


April Appears

April appears but for one month a year,
Breezing in on the season’s changing
Splashing in through rain puddles
Slogging through deep mud.
Flying in on the wings of songbirds
Rolling in like the rivers flooding.
Peeping through the pink magnolias budding
Smiling like tulips in the sun.
Rest awhile and rejoice, for Spring has finally come.

copyright 2015 by April Eight

I’m looking forward to a little birthday celebration tonight and a bigger one on Sunday because that’s how birthdays roll in this family. I’m also looking forward to a wonderful year with all of you. I have so much joy to share, and this year, I promise to share it! Putting all my heart and love into April Eight is my #1 birthday goal. Love!!!! xoxoxoxo

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