Where is the Sweetness?

There is so much sweetness in our humanity, yet it is just the sort of thing that is devalued in American society.  Softness. Gentleness. Tenderness. They’ve gone a bit missing in our daily lives, unless we really take a minute to find them. And who has time for that? Where does gentleness fit while you are sitting in meetings with your boss, getting that last bit of worked wrapped up before carline pickup and the quick grocery run?

Could this be at least part of the reason why not only ourselves but our sweet children as well are so stressed?


Children and teens are constantly asked to be more disciplined, bold, brave, more focused. They are pushed into the intellectual too early.  Why is reading and math and getting ahead of the competition the most important part of childhood these days?

What happened to quiet contemplation? What happened to the boredom and wonder of laying in the sweet-smelling grass watching the clouds roll by, morphing from cow to horse as the wind blows them, and with it the deep understanding of the rhythms of Nature, of change, of possibility. When we steal this peace from children when they are little, will they ever have a chance to find it as adults?

Sweetness matters. Let’s make a point of putting more of our hearts into our lives each day. We can begin by putting it into our relationships with each other and, perhaps far more importantly, that might give us a way to find a little space to put it into our relationship with ourselves. To quote those important modern philosophers the Beatles, “All you need is love, love. Love is all you need.”

If you can’t take the time to quiet your life a bit for yourself, please do it for your kids. They need to find that quiet place in themselves to take those math tests. And when they grow up and have to sit in meetings, pick up their kids from school and go to the grocery store…

The real sweetness of life happens in the moments when we can take a breathe and notice that it is there. When we look around at ourselves, our loved ones, our environment, whatever and say, “Yes. I see you/feel you there.” I believe if you let yourself have those moments and you teach your children to take them too, we won’t have to read another book on how to find happiness or destress. We’ll know peace of mind is always with us if we stop and greet it. “Hello.”

P. S. And we wonder why we are all addicted to sugar…

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