Giant Beach Bubbles

I’m at the beach this week with my family.

We thought it would be fun to let the beach winds blow giant bubbles. Mia and I whipped up some special bubble juice with ingredients from the grocery store. Before we left, we thought about how best to make the bubble wand (Olivander doesn’t do this sort of thing) but then we realized that we had an old plastic one from a birthday gift from a few years back. Perfecto!

We tried them out when we first got here on a beautiful sunny day – but the winds were too high – perfect for kites but not bubbles.

Today is just right, perfectly calm and slightly overcast. As soon as I brought down the bubbles a little crowd formed to watch the magic. Mia is the Bubble Master so I gave her the wand.

Our new little friend Blake and his baby sister Claudia helped too, as you can see.

Of course, you can always bubble in your own backyard or the park.

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