We Did Have Fun at KidSong 2014!

“April Eight’s lively and entertaining program about folk songs at KidSong 2014 got both young and old toes tapping. If you have young ones, or are young at heart, April Eight is a must-see!” – Chris Bieri, Vice President, The Queen City Balladeers


Here is the scoop from The Queen City Balladeers: “The Queen City Balladeers’ first annual KidSong workshop & sing-along on July 26 was a rip-roaring success! Twenty-one children and sixteen parents & grandparents sang folk songs, tried musical instruments, made maracas, and wrote a group folk song entitled “Winter on the Ohio.”

Modern family folk musician, April Eight (AKA April Combs), led the program. She was backed by a “house band” of Balladeers, including Chuck Black (bass fiddle), Chris Bieri (bongo), Linda Eads (guitar), Dennis Iverson (ukulele & banjo-uke), Jody Knoop (mandolin), and Dave Sanders (guitar & banjo).”


“KidSong was sponsored by the QCB, and by a Summertime Kids Grant from the Greater Cincinnati Foundation. The Cincinnati Art Museum graciously allowed us to use their Artworld Education Center for the event.”

Thanks for having me!


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