Hey, It Is My Birthday!


Well, hey, whaddya know? It is already April 8th again. The past year has been interesting, complicated, profound and altering. I learned so much I can barely keep up with myself.

But some things are still the same. Always. My heart full of songs, my love of story, the joy of being in Nature, my mega-watt curiosity about people, places and ideas. And my passion for adventures – both real and imaginary.

I’m working on a novel for someone just about your age, and I am ridiculously excited about it. My daughter and I are planning away and really ready to go for it with a garden in the backyard. You can follow our ideas here. I’ve got a few new songs up my sleeve and a few shows scheduled with plenty more in the works. I’m not doing any camps this summer because I started a new job that I really love, but I do have a few weekend workshops coming together that will be super special.

Perhaps I’ll see you this weekend at The Carnegie Center for The ArtsWave Sampler event. I’m on at 11:30. We’ll have fun!

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