Happy Birthday Bonnie!

It is almost my brilliant mother’s birthday! Happy birthday, Bonnie.


Now, for some people, moms are all about yummy apple pie and “Where are you going?” and “Your socks don’t match!” That’s all fine and good, but I had a different experience.

My mom was about “Look at this amazing science experiment!”, “Be home when the street lights come on.” and “You are brilliant and capable. Go do something great.”

It is cool to have an independent and intelligent mom. She and my dad set a high standard for personal conduct and integrity, one that my four siblings and I do our best to live up to. Plus, she is cheerful and gorgeous even into her 80s. I wrote this goofy happy birthday song for her a few years ago. If you’ve seen it before, you can sing along.

I love my mom. Please send her a happy birthday wish in the comments. She’s totally tech savvy, so she’ll have no problem enjoying Β reading them!

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Bonnie!

  1. Bonnie, happiest of birthdays to you. I hope one of my daughters writes me such a lovely song one day. So sweet and I’m sure you enjoyed every moment! (April, I loved your laugh after the high note. Made me giggle so hard!!)


  2. Happy Happy Birthday Bonnie! Enjoy it to the fullest πŸ™‚ You have a rock star of a daughter, who is so proud of you! I hope one day to meet her equally rock star mother.


  3. Dear Bonnie,
    Sending birthday greetings from New York where it’s sunny today — with much love to you and pleasure from knowing you and your family. — From Stephanie Vevers


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