Snowflake Fairy Color-Me T-Shirt

Hey Friends – Well, I wanted to share with you about my super cool April Eight Snowflake Fairy Color-Me T-Shirts because I just think they are the coolest thing in the world.

(An April Eight Songs for a Magical Winter CD and LS Color-Me T-Shirt – comes wrapped with snow, glitter, heart and a handmade pom-pom! Limited quantities, order today.
Just $30 CD+Size 4-5CD+Size 6-7CD+Size 8-9  Size 10 is all sold out!)

So, it is a soft, long-sleeved cotton T-Shirt, but your brilliant superstar kid gets to customize it any way she wants because, well, we left lots of space for that on purpose. And when I say we, I mean I thought of it and then I got my mega-smart illustrator sister, Janet Ivas, to draw it.

Snow Flake Fairy T-Shirt

You see, like I say in the video, I really wanted a t-shirt that was an expression of the wearer, so I thought up the idea of a t-shirt that kids could draw on. Because how fun is that? And my goodness, did you know that they have fabric markers in a zillion colors and with GLITTER?! Glitter! And they aren’t even expensive. You can buy them at the grocery store, for pete sake. I got a bunch of cool ones at Michaels because, you know, once I get excited I have to have lots of options. Like right now, I have 31 books checked out of the library… I know.


Anyway, I have this fun package where you can get the April Eight T-Shirt, my “Songs for a Magical Winter CD” all together in a cute bag with snow and a heart and a handmade pom-pom. Handmade pom-pom! How cute is that? Super cute. So anyway, here are your options on the package.

If you want just the CD with the fancy cover and all the lyrics, or just the digital download of the CD, or just the T-Shirt, click right here and we got you covered.

Let me know what you think in the comments. I think you’re cool and I value your opinion. xoxoxo!!!

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