Our Thanksgiving Song

We wrote a song about gratitude, of course, for Thanksgiving last week.

We had lots of laughs and little agreement on what any one of us might want to eat for Thanksgiving dinner. One funny discovery was that we have 3 vegan/vegetarians in our group so nobody really cared to sing about turkey. Fine with me – I’m a vegetarian too! Secondly, I didn’t have my capo which I use to make our songs in a higher key for kid’s voices –  so our song is a little on the LOW side. Tune into our deep voices and deep thoughts….

The Ellas

Some truly lovely ideas and great words flowed out of these wonderful children: “Generations and generations”,  “grandma’s tofurky”, “mom’s mash potatoes” “A great long time ago” – they really had be between laughing and choking-up quite a few times.

My favorite moment: Who would have thought a second grade boy would come up with the word “pepperoncini” to rhyme with “zucchini”? He said, “Hey, my family is Italian!” when I expressed my wonder.

Without further adieu, “Our Thanksgiving Song“.

Our Thanksgiving Song

by April Eight and the After School Songwriters

As we gather at the table
With all the food dude
“I don’t like vegetables!”
Grandma’s tofurky
and mom’s mash potatoes
We’re with our families
We are grateful
Some don’t like cabbage
Some don’t like peas
Some don’t like carrots
“They make me sneeze!”
Ha – choo!
They don’t like brussels sprouts or zucchini
Maybe not onions or pepperoncini
But my mom, she’s pretty cool
She doesn’t make me eat them
There are no rules…
And for that,
I am grateful.
They gathered in Plymouth
A great long time ago
There were pilgrams and indians
A tale everybody knows
And the story goes on
For generations and generations
And so we celebrate
This Thanksgiving Holiday – YAY!
We are grateful

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