Yoo Hoo! April, Where Are You?

Hi funny face! I confess, I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been taking a blogging course, so all my blogging time is going to learning about blogging. Kinda silly, right? Anyway, here I am, and you know how I love you, and I have some new things to share with you.


One of the blog-course teacher is Liz of Liz & Jewels. I was really captivated by Liz’s gorgeous recipe how-to video for apple crumble from fruit picked in her garden.

My daughter and I are planning a big garden project this Spring – I’ve put her in charge but I’ll be right there taking orders and offering advice 😉 – so I found this particularly inspiring. My mother tells me my great grandparents had a big apple orchard so I do plan on a few apple trees as part of the whole garden concept. If you have a favorite apple tree, please leave me a comment and any gardening advice you feel compelled to share. I’ll be sharing our progress on this blog, of course.

Here is the lovely video from Liz and Jewels. And you can find the recipe right here. I’ll be cooking this up for my family this weekend because YUM!

2 thoughts on “Yoo Hoo! April, Where Are You?

  1. Wow can’t wait to hear more about your garden plans sound just wonderful. i am going to try a little garden here- great blog!!!


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