Dragon Rider

“All was still in the valley of the dragons. Mist had drifted in from the sea nearby and was clinging to the mountains….” And so begins a beautifully written, sweet and thrilling novel, Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke.

dragon rider

I truly enjoyed every word of this story last year when I read it to the second graders at the Cincinnati Waldorf School. A big groan went up every time I had to say, “that’s all we can read for today.”

But before you think this is just for a younger audience, know that my eleven year old couldn’t drag herself away from it for days except to look up occasionally and say, “Mom, this is so beautifully written.”

I love to buy my books at The Blue Manatee or at Joseph-Beth Bookstore here in Cincinnati. Do you have a good Independent bookstore you like? And, obviously, I’m a mega-watt fan of the Cincinnati Public Library. Otherwise, a little box from isn’t the worst thing in the world, is it?

One thought on “Dragon Rider

  1. My friend was just saying on Facebook: “Gus says what he liked best was that the whole book was about dragons and dragons are his favorite thing.” So true. It is all about dragons, and they are so beautiful and interesting. I loved that too.


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