An Autumn Ritual

I like to think that my husband and I have created seasonal family rituals that make a great childhood for our children. It is a romantic notion, I know. The honest answer for me is that we do, but I’m not in charge of most of them. My mother-in-law is the Matriarch of Matriarch and since we live in her town, we are lucky enough to just join in on the bounty and rituals of my husband’s family. But I do have a few tricks up my sleeve…


Every October we wander the winding road across town and down along the Mighty Ohio River to take the Anderson Ferry across to Kentucky.

There we grab a wagon and together kids and parents search for our pumpkins from the big sunny fields at McGlasson’s Farm. We’ve been doing this for about 12 years now and we are still all about it.

And the whole scene is so lovely that I always end up taking pictures of all the this-and-that of it.

And that’s the day. For me the togetherness adventure is all the fun. I confess that I am not a big holiday decorator. But a ferry trip with cider, carmel apples, squiggly squashes and a trek out into farm fields to pick pumpkins. Perfection!

2 thoughts on “An Autumn Ritual

  1. well, hi! i’m from cincinnati, too, but have never taken that ferry or been to that farm, so thanks for the recommendations! also in your byw class. i’m a teacher, and it’s report card season, so i had no time to do the homework this week. maybe next week… your blog is lovely!


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