“Carmel Apple, Save Me Now!”

I really do love these After-School Songwriting Workshops. I was at Fairview-Clifton German School yesterday, here in the Clifton neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio to write a song on the theme of Friendship. Last time this batch of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders and I wrote a thoughtful song about “Courage“.


But a few unexpected things happened yesterday. First, we all got special delivery mega-delicous sorbet thanks to Oliver and Natalie’s mom, Margot Madison. (Yes, THE Margot Madison!) Thanks Madisonos! Secondly, well, you know, like I said, I suggested we write our song about Friendship. And the kids were all like, No! We want to write about Halloween. And I was like, DUH! Of course you do. So we wrote a truly hilarious “Halloween Song”.

Halloween Brainstorming

And, I’m sorry, I laugh through the whole recording. I had to go in and edit out some of my cackles because I just guffawed all over the place. (My little family teases me about how loud I laugh. Now that my girls are tween and teen, they find it/me to be a source of horror beyond anything Halloween could provide. There she goes again! How embarrassing! If they would just stop being hilarious there wouldn’t be a problem, right? Unfortunately for them, they’re awesome.)

I thought we might run through it a few times before we recorded for realsies, but these confident Rock Stars were ready to roll-tape (as we used to say back in the day.) I would have been more careful about laughing-my-head-off if I’d known Team Halloween Goofiness were One-Take Wonders. Now I know, right?
Enjoy their great song. I certainly could not write lyrics like “Carmel Apple, Save me now!” on my own. (See lyrics below the video). **Also, a little warning: There is a loud scream at the end. I tried to edit it down a bit, but hey, it is a scary Halloween scream, so ya gotta leave it in there.


Let us know if you like our song – the kids would love (!!!!) to read your comments, I’m sure.

“A Halloween Song” aka “Carmel Apple Save Me, Now!”
By the Fairview-Clifton After School Songwriters and April Eight c2013

Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!
The lights go out, the stairwell creaks,
(creaking sound) I see people trick or treat
Ghosts and spiders, jack o’lanterns BOO!

Harry Potter and witches too
Lollipops and candy corn
Jolly Ranchers and i want more, more, more!

I love Halloween! I love Halloween! I love Halloween!

I walk into a graveyard
The moon is shining down
I see a hand stick out of the ground

A black cat crosses my path
Carmel apple, save me now!
The carmel apple gets stuck in my teeth
Halloween horrors, I can’t breathe!

I don’t like Halloween! No, not Halloween! It’s just not my thing.
I don’t like Halloween! No, not Halloween. Maybe it’s just a dream.

I can’t wait for November’s Fairview-Clifton After School Workshop. You can register your kid for one or for the whole series. A few of the kids go to other schools and that is A-OK – we start at 3:45 at Fairview.

And if you child would like to be a part of the cool project we’re doing over at Clifton Performance Theatre, you can still register them to help us write the script and the songs for our show “Once Upon a Time and Then What Happened?”


3 thoughts on ““Carmel Apple, Save Me Now!”

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  2. Hello! This is Ms. Yvonne (former Clifton Center camp counselor). Love the song and the vocals. It got me in the mood for some Halloween fun and caramel apples. After listening to it, I went straight out and chowed down on the first caramel apple I’ve had in years! It was yummy! Sounds like everyone had a lot of fun writing and singing the song. Great job guys! BTW, love the HP reference :-).


  3. Wonderful! This has got to be one of the greatest gigs there is, and you do it so well. I just finished writing a few Halloween songs and now I have to decide if they will be sung by Mrs. Middlejoy and the Church Mice (my original intention) or if I’ll make a version with my own voice. So much fun!


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