This Week in Pods in Seeds

Walking in my neighborhood these days, I see a lot of seeds and pods. Nature’s last efforts at abundance before Winter sneaks in and puts the world to sleep.

Pods and Seeds

Long Pods

Handful of Seeds

I’m in Ohio so I have to share a buckeye. Is this a pod or a nut? The one I found had a big buckeye and a little batch of “baby” buckeyes snuggled up together. Squirrel celebration time!


If you live in New England or the Midwest, I bet you could find most of these same plants and trees in your neighborhood. Take someone you love on a Nature walk hunting for pods and seeds, flowers and berries. If you find something so cool you want to share, take a picture and post it on The World Famous April Eight Facebook page. You know me well enough now to know that I would love to see what you found.

My friend Carrie has a lovely song, Leaves Don’t Drop They Just Let Go, that speaks a bit to seeds and pods. We have a great little recording of my daughter singing along to it.

Have a great weekend! I’m sure I’ll go to The City Flea this weekend in Washington Park. Maybe I’ll see you there. xoxoox!

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