“A Little Courage”

Where Does Courage Come From

I wrote a song after-school yesterday with some super smart, funny kids at Fairview-Clifton German School in Cincinnati, OH. For some people collaborative songwriting with friends you just met might be daunting, but clearly for these children it was no big deal – we knocked this out in about an hour of brainstorming, laughing, goofing around and exploring a few deep thoughts too.

Our topic was Courage (yes, I did mean to use a capitol C). Have a listen and see what you think:

People often ask how much of the songs actually come from the kids. The way I see it, I just drive the bus. The kids generate and choose pretty much everything I can get them to create. It is collaborative brainstorming – hard to say the origin of any particular idea or word – the songs are a syntheses of pretty wacky energy and ideas. And deep kid sweetness. And some serious silliness too.

Friends at After School Songwriting Workshop

But I am there and I am a songwriter, so I push them to dig a little further into an idea, into themselves. They spout out the word trust. I say “Who do you truly have to trust to have courage?” They say “parents”. They say “teachers”. I say, “Really? Who do you REALLY have to trust to be courageous?” They say “yourself”. And that makes the song. I love my job!

Courage After School session Lyric writing

Once we got rolling the kids and I could have written a whole bunch more verses, but moms started to appear and stomachs started to rumble.

I can’t wait for next month’s session with these kids. If you missed September, there is still time to sign your great kid up for October and beyond, no worries.


2 thoughts on ““A Little Courage”

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  2. Hooray! What a great job you are doing. Can’t imagine a more fun way to share the joy of music and creation. I have no trouble at all believing the kids are the source of the ideas. I am sure you ask questions that bring out amazing answers. And of course, it all ends up in song.


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