Books + Music = Library!

library books

I love the Public Library. I can be just a wee bit obsessive (hey, its my fiery Aries nature!) and the library feeds it by letting me check out as many books as I want. Between me and my family, there are usually a dozen or more library books lying around this house at one time. But it isn’t just books. Movies, CDs…. we get it all. Here are a few of our favorite recent borrows:

My Tween is reading both of the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan for the second time. Her older sister and I have already done that… we are all waiting anxiously for The House of Hades out on October 8th. A silence will fall through our house that week as I’ve ordered a copy from one of our favorite local booksellers, I’m downloading the Kindle version and we have one copy on hold from the library. My husband will finally have some peace.

Loud singing happens a lot in my house and little of it is me. My girls adore the soundtrack of Les Miserable. Oh, to be Eponine, full of such love and sorrow. “I shall sing her song at the top of my lungs again and again!” (Not me of course, just my girls. I am not a fan of unrequited love. I remember it all too painfully from 9th grade. Reliving 9th grade is not high on my to-do list.)

Library SeptemberMy Teenager: She loves musicals. I think I mentioned that. She is all about Broadway’s “Roald Dahl’s Matilda“. I love these smart, funny, bold songs too, particularly as a replacement for One Direction….

She’s reading John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars. He’s from Indianapolis, so I like him already. Being one myself, all I have to say is Hoosier Yahoos rock! The reviews say it is very sad. My sweet daughter laughs in the face of sad, so I think she can handle it. I probably can’t. I cry in the face of sad but I am considering reading it when she’s done. My brief mom-skim looking for inappropriateness turned up some lovely phrases I’d like to get a closer look at.

My Husband: He’s been listening to Amanda Palmer – when the kids aren’t around. She’s crass, funny and intelligent. When he realized that her husband was writer Neil Gaiman, he immediately checked out “American Gods“. I thought that was quite romantic of him.


Me: Me? What am I reading? Well, I missed out on Seamus Heaney while he was alive, but after reading all those obits on his wonderment I thought I better jump on the boat before it floated on by and I missed out on his brilliance. His Beowulf translation? Why not. All I have to do is go pick it up from the library! And I’m reading Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer along with my tween (school assignment) because she likes to discuss her books with me and I like it when she talks to me. I promised her Mark Twain was funny. She is offended by Tom’s bad grammer. How heartening. I’m also doing tons of Celtic Fairytale research for a book I’m working on (!!) and a project I’m doing with The Clifton Performance Theatre.

Alright. That’s what’s on my library card. What are you reading right now?


2 thoughts on “Books + Music = Library!

  1. I loved this which is no surprise, I seem to relate to most things you write. I just started the Divergent series, my sister swears I’ll like it as much as The Hunger Games…I have my doubts but we’ll see! Sam is bouncing between the first Harry Potter and a Sweet Valley Twins super thriller, along with Tom Sawyer of course (her summary last night was an entire page, her enthusiasm with writing is new and very exciting!) Like your girls she is constantly singing at home. Her current obsession is the Phantom of the Opera. I very much enjoy hearing her trying to hit some of those high notes…


    • Hi Katy, thanks for the note. I confess that I cringe when my daughters go for the high notes in Phantom. I love it when they sing -it is just that they like to sing SO LOUD. I don’t know where they get that…. I haven’t jumped into Divergent. My teenager isn’t a fan (she said not to tell her friends because they are fanatics) but I do know a few adults who love it. Let me know how you like it when you finish. xoxoox


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