A Story Game – “Monsieur Elephant”

Elephant cut outI played a game with my friends. We had to write a story in 5 minutes AND we had to use the words elephant, car, and ice cream. Here is mine:


Monsieur Elephant, dear one, so strong and free. How is the zoo working out for you? There is sweet hay, yes, and shade of a fine tree. But have you seen the inside of this fence for far too many days?

Get in my car and I’ll take you away to see all the exotic places you’ve never been. This is my house. I guess you can’t come in. This is ice cream, hold it in your trunk and let it drip down your chin. We’ll make you a bed by the garage and then we can play hide and seek.

I’ve already won.

I bet you could play this game too! All you need are 3 words and 5 minutes and your imagination. You can play it by yourself or with a pack of friends or your family. Might even be good on a car trip – you don’t even need paper – you can just say it. Try it out and let me know. I’d LOVE to hear your story!

Thanks to my cool buddy Mike Fleisch for thinking up the games and my Creative Juice friends for playing.

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