Express Yourself

I’m passionate that the kids at Songs for Peace Camp get to express themselves through song. 9-year old Oscar wanted to play a guitar solo and we had a blast writing one together. I was so proud of him when he played it at the performance spot on!

Oscar and April writing a guitar solo at Songs for Peace Camp

It is always fun to have kids come back year after year and see where songwriting has lead them.

Oscar has been taking guitar lessons from the awesome Brian Rivers since last summer’s camp and he really has some nice skills now. (Brian is my teacher too, and I can’t say enough about him…. he is a fantastic teacher and that is just a fact!)

Oscar has always had all sorts of good ideas and now that he has been to camp a few times, I’ve got him all trained-up as a songwriter. (Smile.) I was delighted to get to work with him again this summer. It is really an honor to create with all of these kids. I feel incredibly lucky!

Here is Oscar with his first Songs for Peace Band, the Peaceful Narwhals, last summer performing their hit single, “Hello Friend!”

We have one more Session this summer, from August 5-9. If you think your child would enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience that parents have called “SO SO SO SO SO wonderful!” then please, join us.

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