Marauder’s Map

Someone in my house found (created?) Harry Potter’s Marauder’s Map…. Now to find Hogwarts!



See what “boredom” will get you?! What in the world is the Marauder’s Map? Answer is right here…. “Mischief Managed”. Good day to you.

5 thoughts on “Marauder’s Map

  1. you have a teenager? or tween? my son draws things that are very close to this, although he’s more inspired by redwall, star wars, and the lord of the rings. but I love harry potter!

    found you through byw’s fb list. nice!


    • I have a teenager who is passionate about books in general and HP in particular. The whole house is, actually, what can I say? Thanks for stopping by, Noreen. I loved Blogging Your Way although it went by so fast. xoxo!


    • Thanks, Noreen! My teenager is 14. She loves Potter, Percy Jackson (me too!) and Hunger Games plus more. The librarians call her “the girl who has read everything” if that gives you an indication. Loved BYW – so helpful! xoxoxoxo


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