We Added August!

Yay for Summer Camp! So many great kids are being signed up for our June Camps that we decided to do it all again in August. By then I’ll have been to a few Faerie Festivals, to the beach, and even performed with the Kentucky Symphony Orchestra at Devoe Park in Covington, KY on August 3rd. More about that very soon. April Eight Songs For Peace Music+Arts Camp has added the week of August 5-9!

Boredom Begets Creativity

If your little dreamer is ready to make the world a better place by spending a happy week writing and singing songs, doing some great yoga with expertly fun yogi Hollie from OMYA! and making art with the worlds sweetest crafter ever, Miss Summer, than this is the week of joy for you and your kid. Sign ’em right up and we’ll keep ’em busy and you can take a break, busy parent. They’ll come home singing, we promise!

Register your dear one today! April Eight Songs for Peace Music+Arts Camp

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