Spreading Hope and Joy!

We added a week in August to the April Eight Songs for Peace Music+Arts Camp. We’ve had so many sign-ups already (a whole bunch of the awesome kids from last year and some great new kids we’ve never met!)we just had to make room for some more.

What I’ve come to see about the songs we write and the fun we create together is that it lasts the whole year through. Kids from last summers camps are sharing the songs they wrote with their friends, church groups, and other communities that are looking for some hope and joy. They teach their songs to their friends. They listen to them in their rooms and in the car. Their proud of what they create and the beautiful thing about song is, it creates community. We are spreading hope and joy one song at a time – with wonderful kids that become wonderful friends. How does it get any better than this?

To sign up for camps June 7-11 (almost sold out) June 14-17 and August 5-9, just click right here. You also have the option of doing a Split Payment of 97.50 now, 97.50 the week before camp. We want you there and we can make it work. Big love to you, dear one. xoxox APRIL

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