Early Bird Discount for Music+Arts Camp

Hi Friends,

We’re doing an Early Bird Discount for April Eight Songs for Peace Music+Arts Camp. Check it out and register your Wonder Kids today. Seems like we’re filling up fast! Looking forward to summer, singing and writing with your fantastic kid.
 Here are a few reviews from parents of last year’s campers:
FIVE STARS! Both of my daughters, ages 9 & 11, had a great time at April’s Songs for Peace camp last summer. As far as I know, there’s nothing else like it in Cincinnati–the children collaborate and brainstorm to write their own songs, while also exploring creative movement and yoga. Added to that is a healthy dose of appreciating each others’ similarities and differences, wrapped up in fun, lively activities. April is charming, joyful, creative and clearly in tune (no pun intended) with the kids in her camp. One of my girls is quite shy, and April brought her around quickly to enjoy all the fun. Highly recommend!
FIVE STARS! My son went to both April 8 camps last summer. He just couldn’t get enough, he wanted to practice and learn the songs he and the others co-wrote with April. He learned about music and other art, And the incredibly catchy music delivered songs of Peace friendship and love. I can’t imagine a better week of learning and fun.
Register Today for Early Bird Discount.
xoxoxo APRIL

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