Thanks for a Fun Weekend!

Hey Wonderful People, I had a fantastic time performing on Sunday at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center Second Sunday Family Showcase. A big, delightful crowd that wasn’t afraid to sing along. Oh, I LOVE that!

Here is a tiny little video the CCAC folks shot of me doing what I do.

And, lucky me, the kids from my April Eight Song for Peace Music + Arts Camp jumped up and sang a few of the songs we wrote together last summer. So sweet to hear them sing again. I wish I had a picture but I was too busy singing and playing guitar to whip out my camera for a shot.

Afterward they had a lovely reception with cute snowman snacks. Some of the kids got and colored-in April Eight t-shirts. It is always fun to see all the ways kids interpret the drawing my brilliant sister Janet created. 

I’m really looking forward to next month’s CCAC Family Showcase, when Fourth-generation storyteller Lyn Ford comes to shares her tales rooted in her family’s multicultural ‘Afri-lachian’ storytelling traditions. 

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