Shining Through

Hi Wonderful People, Last year I wrote a dear little someone her own special birthday song and now, wow, here we are, January 13th and her big day is her again. Happy 7th Birthday, Sarah!

Here is an encore performance of “Sarah Shining”. I think I packed a whole lot of love into this one. Feel free to send her a happy birthday in the comments!

Sarah it is a lovely day,
The wind blows cold and the skies are gray
Even the flowers are hiding away,
But who cares for we have you
Shining through.
Sarah, smile for us
Share the spark that shines in your heart
There is nothing more that the world could hope for
Than the wonderful girl that is you,
Shining through.
Sarah, Happy Birthday to you
Six years old, so much to see and do
Remember the light that shines in you
Will never go away
Even on the grayest of days
You’ll shine through
You’ll shine through.
words and music copyright April Combs 2012
See you Sunday 1/13 at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center! I’ll be telling stories and singing songs and (I am really EXCITED about this part) some of the kids from my camps are going to jump up and sing songs we wrote together at Songs for Peace Music + Arts Camp. What a fun day! Can’t wait!!
xoxoxooxox APRIL

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