Great Owl Alert!

Hi Wonderful People,

 I love owls. I don’t know if Harry Potter’s Hedwig put it over the edge (well, actually I do, she did!) but I’ve been owl crazy for awhile now. I have a great little collection of owls that my family has given me in honor of my nuttiness because it is always good to know what to give mom when you can’t think of anything else.

I’ve just discovered these great little owls in a store here in Cincinnati. They are made by one of my favorite kids, Scout. She is pretty darn smart, sweet and cool, and she makes a great owl as you can see here. Plus, how cute is that tag?!

You can buy Scout’s wonderful handmade owls in Cincinnati at Fabricate in Northside. In my humble opinion they would make a great gift. You can also check out Scout’s fledgling blog right here.
 xoxoxox APRIL

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