Halloween Candy I Adore!

I love Halloween! I love the imagining and creating of costumes, I love Autumn, I love carving pumpkins, I love carmel apples and falling leaves. Yes, yes, yes! I like spiders and witches too. But I like to keep it all in the realm of fun and imagination. I’m not very interested in terrifying 7-year-olds. And I’m not excited about filling them full of too much candy either, to be honest. A little goes a long way. But these, these I wish I could put one in every bag! Wouldn’t that be fun!

I’m such a big fan of the Purl Bee blog from Purl SoHo. The owner of this lovely shop filled with gorgeous yarns and wondrous fabrics used to be an editor for Martha Stewart Magazine. I love to pop in and drool when I’m in New York City, but I also love to pop in and explore on my laptop any time of day or night thanks to their great website full of  inspiring projects and thoughtful instructions.

Here in Cincinnati, Ohio I tend to covet the gorgeous yarn at Hank. I often take my curly-headed mini-me buddy. She ends up with more yarn than I do half the time. How come that always happens with kids?


This year, I think I will knit up a little batch of these treats to have around the house. I actually do not like the real candy corn candy at all. Even as a kid when I felt that it was imperative to chow-down on EVERY ounce of candy the neighbors tossed in my plastic Halloween pumpkin whether I liked it or not, I always generously shared my candy corn with my brother.

Come listen to the goofy Halloween song we wrote at the April Eight After-School Workshop last OCtober. “Carmel Apple, Save Me Now!” It is pretty goofy, I confess.

Learn more about April Eight’s songwriting workshops for kids.

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